I Shouldn’t

You told me to opened the door, but we don’t talk anymore.

You told me our pinky promise, but you don’t remember me anymore.

You told me to wait, but you don’t stay anymore.

I shouldn’t do what you told me to do…


You and The Night

Rain-rain, could you understand?

You and the night, the two relation I envy the most.

You give human which is not giving you any, a very good sleep. Wake up tomorrow with broad smile. Thinking about last night beautiful dream.

The lullabies you composed together, where was the inspiration come from?I heard it every your presence but I didn’t get tired at all.

Rain-rain tell me your secret. You and the night, how was your first date?

Just A Trash Can

and what I’m thinking now. the clock tickling. the television flaming. in my dream, i saw you in plane flying.

and what I’m thinking now. my brain is an empty space. my heart is a hollow area. in front of me, you saying goodbye.

maybe I’m just a trash can. after you left me, nothing that I can. even didn’t know what is me.

maybe I’m just a trash can. dirty but still keeping the garbage. don’t let them out. because outside will be harsh.

I’m just a trash can. all I do is playing but you do is learning.

The Sold Out Light

time to time. on available dark. gaining some curiosity. i ask to another passanger, “is there any light to share?” but everyone saying the same. the lights had been sold out, since i lost the past and remaining with the unpredictable future. 

i wait. but keep asking. because the lights deserve a hardwork. and the patience becomes a big knowledge. time to time. when i ask about 99 times, i see a single hand grabbing my. barking to my existence. 

“I hate the corner,” i say. but he didn’t give me any light. just stay beside. hold me tight. have every talk. let me feel the dark.

the sold out light. i didn’t bother to find it now. because I found the center of the solar system.

that’ll be you.

Apple on Your Face

that’s red. people said it’s beautiful and sweet. and that’s yours. i dont know whether there is someone else who ever tried. but in every occasion, my eyes only focus on that. there is fire. and I know that’s burning. the Apple on your face.  

that’s red. like my beating everytime it smiling. that’s wet. like my panties every watching blue film. you licking it, washing the crack. you  bad dude! inviting me to be a taster. the Apple on your face.

that’s red. and i’m dying to take a sip. can i have a little bit? even if the sin would be the burden. but do you believe in beautiful sin? that’ll be you and the Apple on your face.