The Burden of Memories

People changes.

Moment passes.

Time leaves.

Place moves.

And you are not aware. You still think they indeed the same.

“but they are not.” I said while looking at your angry blushing. And then I’m leaving.

“do they?” You askin hesitantly after seeing everyone gone. But you insist to stay. You hate all the differences and all the changes.

What are you fight for now? Because what still remain is just you and the burden of memories.


After A Bright Sky

because the smiling memories never enough. and the five watt lamp can’t make me read a sky.

between the miracle and certainty never have a tie. a lot of what you want couldn’t be all yours.

the future is in the dark. the past is in the brown. you should living for present. because that’s a light blue.

people all be greedy. people all be sleepy. want somethin instant like an indomie. but didn’t wanna know the hardness to make the dough.

because the open door never be an opportunity. because the bird chirping cant’t make the world seems beauty.

and they will have a heavy regret… and the will… and you will… and I will…