I am and You are

I am the worst case of every you. I always come to be your guardian angel and then left when you love me enough. I admit, it’s a challenge to make you fall but I can’t be responsible. I always stop in the middle. No. I never lie about all my feelings back then when hanging out with you. but I never lie that I’m easily getting bored. The feeling decreasing rapidly. From one hundred to be a zero. Even the memories staying, let me find a new one. Let me…


Earth and Mars

earth and mars, two planet had ever been a crush. recognizing the differences and deciding to be apart. because never becomes one. they have their own way to take. no easy path to be a shortcut nor an estuaries. it’s like God created them to not be together.

earth and mars, they finally meet after a long revolution. they could see each other from their own orbit. their mind is in an uproar. like a brainstorm on a meeting to decide something important and have an urgency. the dream in the past, the illusion to the future, comes like a flashback.

Earth and mars, all they can see is just regret. it’s better not to meet, moving on the different galaxy. but not all what you want be the reality. all thet can do is just an acceptance. bearing the past to be a memories. bury them to be a beautiful love they ever did.

but sometimes mars still asking about the possibility, “must i found a wormhole to be forever with you?”

-for someone who can’t be erased-